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Why is ISO 27001 Essential for Enterprisetech?

Making the sensitive information secure should be a matter of priority for every organization as the hackers are becoming smarter now-a-days and technology is also increasing its ability to access and compromise the sensitive data. However, this increased focus on information security management has lead the organizations to implement the controls in one form or another. However, the effectiveness of the information security standards relies majorly on how this implementation is monitored and how it is controlled.

Well, some organizations only introduce the security controls that deal with some specific IT areas and the non-IT assets remain unprotected. But, this may result in a greater threat to these non-IT assets of Enterprisetech companies. However, to overcome issues like these, the ISO 27001 standard was introduced.

When your enterprisetech company achieves and maintains ISO 27001 certification, then it will give your clients a guarantee that your organization has implemented the best-practice of information security methods.

There are numerous benefits of implementing ISO 27001 accreditation into your enterprisetech organization but we are here with our top four reasons for why your enterprisetech company should comply with the standard.

  • Gain A Competitive Edge

In a competitive market of today’s time, it has become hard to differentiate yourself but when you become certified for ISO 27001 security standard then it enhances your value proposition. Moreover, it can also provide a unique point of differentiation between your organization and your competitors’ organizations.

  • ISO 27001 Certification tells your customers that you care about their important information and therefore you have a proactive approach in place for addressing the emerging information security threats. In fact, your organization has adopted the best practices for minimizing such threats,
  • When you’re an ISO 27001-certified organization then it improves your credibility among your audience. Not just that but sometimes winning or losing a tender submission can rely on having this specific certification,
  • In fact, the access to global markets also sometimes depends on having ISO 27001 compliance. The reason is that this certification allows you to compete with your international competitors.
  • Last but not the least, the ISO 27001 compliance also removes the hassle of completing the in-depth security questionnaires as well as responding to the auditors for every new client.
  • Avoid Financial Loss Due to Data Breach –

If you’re thinking that gaining ISO 27001 compliance might cost you, then let us tell you the fact that not doing it might cost you more. So, we recommend you to weigh the cost of the compliance against the potential costs that may occur due to a breach of data and due to the service interruptions.

Well, when you consider these costs, you will be required to consider the following points:

  • We know, implementing the information security standard may look like an expense for many people, but in reality it’s not an expense but it can become a great investment when you can reduce the expenses to resolve the data breaches,
  • Do you know, the research shows that a data breach not only results in leakage of important organizational secrets, but it is also very expensive? 
  • The best thing is that the ISO 27001 is a globally accepted standard for the Security of important information assets. Hence, it can also help the organizations to avoid some heavy fines and penalties.


  • Ensure Data Privacy and Integrity –

Maintaining data privacy and integrity is a top priority for most enterprisetech organizations as they hold the personal data of their clients. However, implementing an Information Security Management System is one of the most effective ways of ensuring the effective management of the information security while having the reduction of risk associated with the breaches of data. However, you need to consider the implementation of your enterprisetech organization’s ISMS based on ISO 27001 because:

  • Do you know, what is the most reliable way to store the data or to control its access or to use it safely and to destroy it effectively? Well,  it’s only possible through ISO 27001,
  • ISO 27001 has its systematic approach which helps to identify, manage, and reduce the severity of the regular threats to your organization’s important information,
  • In fact, when you’re an ISO 27001 certified company then it ensures the protection of your information assets. Which can further reduce the probability of losing the trust of your clients because of the data breaches,
  • ISO 27001 procedures also enable your organization to promptly detect an incident of the security breach and to immediately take the required action, and
  • The information security standard also ensures the data integrity with the help of its access control, the data backup, and the data organization procedures. However, this will allow the separation of the affected data from the rest.
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