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Why SOC2 Compliance Matters?

SOC 2 is a technical audit that requires companies to establish and follow strict information security policies and procedures.


With 50+ integrations and a Quantifiable Security posture, is a powerful solution at a CXO’s behest. 

Complete Compliance

A SaaS platform that automatically collects thousands of data points of processes, policies, people, assets, and vendors into one place – offering you control over the overall security of your security program and visibility into your compliance status.

Truly automated single window tool.

By collecting evidence at the speed of thought, is 80% better than the traditional methods of auditing. When you know the fastest way to get security compliant, why would you still ask why?

80% Faster, Affordable and efficient.

With 50+ integrations and inbuilt templates for numerous tasks, collect, analyse and evidence data points, the platform is a one-stop solution for the Audited and the Auditors.
The five trust services


This concept takes into account the precautions you take to keep your systems safe from unauthorised access. handles things like intrusion detection and prevention, firewalls, and access restrictions.


The SLA-promised uptime, incident-handling protocols, network performance monitoring practises, and network redundancy are just a few examples of the factors that are taken into account when applying this principle to availability at the system level.

Processing Integrity

This concept seeks to provide a response to the query, “Does your network provide the data it promises to deliver when it promises to deliver it?” Procedures for data processing and quality control are essential in determining processing integrity.


This principle examines the effectiveness of your system’s access controls and the security of the data once it has been accessed. The effectiveness of data encryption during transit, as well as common network security mechanisms and access controls, will be taken into account by the auditors in this case.


The last principle examines how you gather, use, and store personal information and whether you are adhering to your publicly posted privacy notice and the standards established by the AICPA. This also concerns how some personally identifiable information is handled, which calls for higher degrees of security due to its sensitivity.

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At, you can count on us to provide the security necessary to protect even your most sensitive data. By exceeding global standards and achieving certifications/attestations, we’re constantly working to earn your trust.

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With SOCLY, we can see how our SOC 2 & compliance is progressing real time, and their automated evidence collection and monitoring platform has made the process much efficient and faster.

Ugendreshwar Hirex

An amazing platform! Kudos.


SOCLY has been a great companion throughout our audit process and their seamless integration has made it so easy to monitor, we are now able to see our compliance score and reports real-time and can remediate the alerts within seconds.

Keshav Telescope

The robustness of SOCLY has enabled us to audit the platform in seconds while monitoring a large cloud environment. We found managing cloud security compliance so easy.

Jahangir Cone
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