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Increase data privacy for EU regulations with GDPR

A set of guidelines known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted into law by the European Union and the United Kingdom to safeguard the privacy and personal information of their citizens.


With 50+ integrations and a Quantifiable Security posture, is a powerful solution at a CXO’s behest. 

Complete Compliance

A SaaS platform that automatically collects thousands of data points of processes, policies, people, assets, and vendors into one place – offering you control over the overall security of your security program and visibility into your compliance status.

Truly automated single window tool.

By collecting evidence at the speed of thought, is 80% better than the traditional methods of auditing. When you know the fastest way to get security compliant, why would you still ask why?

80% Faster, Affordable and efficient.

With 50+ integrations and inbuilt templates for numerous tasks, collect, analyse and evidence data points, the platform is a one-stop solution for the Audited and the Auditors.


  • GDPR will help take data privacy seriously and establish a security-conscious workflow.
  • Data auditing enables you to minimise the data you collect and store, better organise your storage, and refine your data management processes.
  • GDPR compliance will support your business to build more trusted relationships with your customers and the public.
  • By complying with the GDPR, you will instil the values ​​of data security in your employees and foster social responsibility in business.
  • It allows you to enforce information security and reduce the possible risk of fraud, information loss and disclosure

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At, you can count on us to provide the security necessary to protect even your most sensitive data. By exceeding global standards and achieving certifications/attestations, we’re constantly working to earn your trust.

Over 100,000 Company worldwide

Advancing the foundation of trust raised by providing customers with a one-stop solution through years of trust and quality

What They Say

With SOCLY, we can see how our SOC 2 & compliance is progressing real time, and their automated evidence collection and monitoring platform has made the process much efficient and faster.

Ugendreshwar Hirex

An amazing platform! Kudos.


SOCLY has been a great companion throughout our audit process and their seamless integration has made it so easy to monitor, we are now able to see our compliance score and reports real-time and can remediate the alerts within seconds.

Keshav Telescope

The robustness of SOCLY has enabled us to audit the platform in seconds while monitoring a large cloud environment. We found managing cloud security compliance so easy.

Jahangir Cone
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