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We are developing elegant ways to solve massive problems

We have greater capacity than the original creators to safeguard customer data and rebuild trust in online businesses.

About the company

On a mission to become a one-stop solution for all the services required by SMEs and startups


To build an ecosystem & become a one-stop solution for all the services required by SMEs and start-ups


To empower Tech Companies with easy access to global Data compliances with Zero Hassle and Zero Delay.


The well-being and happiness of all is paramount

Worked at a large IT firm and grew early-mid-stage businesses. Manoj understands the issue and importance of compliance like SOC2, ISO 27001 and GDPR. It started as a routine Google search to understand what it means to be well prepared as an operator, but these compliances are of a high standard. Reliability, competitive differentiation, and short supply cycles. They can afford them because most companies have turned to intensive research on what they can’t afford. The reasons were more shocking than expected. This led to the creation of!

Manoj Kumar Shastrula

Manoj has over seven years of experience working in teams to solve problems for organisations like Amazon, HCL, and startups. Manoj had the good fortune to work directly with a variety of startups during his previous position, leading their sales and strategy into new market regions. Taking risks and concentrating on finding clever solutions to problems

Abishek Janardhan

Abishek brings in rich experience from building scalable applications in Data and Artificial Intelligence to helping Fortune 500 companies assess the value and invest in growing technologies, specializes in evaluating system synergies and scalability of applications. Previously, he was working as Technical Product Manager at Accenture Strategy. A Techie who did MBA only to understand how can he leverage his tech skills for business folks

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