The Benefits of GDPR Certification for Startup

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the core digital privacy legislation of the European Union. However, this is a mandate that applies to the organizations in all the member states, and it also has implications for the businesses as well as for the individuals across the EU. This mandate also applies for global parties with an EU customer or user base.

However, there are many enterprises and startups that view GDPR as a troublesome requirement but actually this regulation can help the startups to streamline and improve their countless core business activities. Let’s have a look at the benefits of GDPR Certification for Startups –

It Provides Easier Business Process Automation –

Do you know many established enterprises use their GDPR compliance responsibilities for just taking a look at –

How well their organization is managing the data storage of their customers’ and clients’ data, the processing, and the management responsibilities?

No matter, whether it is about streamlining the data processing and the lifecycle workflows or about the data hygiene and cleanup or even if it is about greater awareness of the security vulnerabilities, you can get numerous advantages through the GDPR compliance effort which is more than the privacy considerations alone.

It Offers Increased Trust and Credibility –

GDPR’s Article 5 includes 7 fundamental principles which are as follows:

  • Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency,
  • Purpose limitation,
  • Data minimization,
  • Accuracy,
  • Storage limitation,
  • Integrity and confidentiality, and
  • Accountability.


However, these seven principles form the basis for most of the laws within the GDPR Compliance. In fact,, these 7 principals are also becoming the universal data protection principles internationally.

In fact, an organization can gain trust and credibility from the customers when the business can demonstrate that it follows all the seven principles in making the decisions regarding the data protection.

  • When an organization reaches the full GDPR compliance then it signifies that it has achieved the highest level of data protection. However, this is an attribute that all your customers, all your clients, and all the business partners will appreciate.
  • Additionally, with the privacy and security continue to converge, there is required a high level of data protection which also means a high level of data security. However, this is an objective that is valued by almost every type of organization.

GDPR Provides a Better Understanding of the Data Collected –

Do you know, GDPR adherence can give the businesses a greater understanding of their data and also about how it moves throughout the organization, if approached logically? However, there isn’t a single function or a single department that doesn’t benefit from this better understanding of collected data.

However, with the assistance of GDPR the marketing and sales teams can acquire the enhanced oversight into the audience to whom they can legitimately market their products and services. Well, this approach results in the smaller and more engaged audiences that is easier to address and manage.

Not just that, but the privacy initiatives trigger a consolidation of data platforms that can further benefit some departments such as “human resources” as it enable the easier reporting and faster or better decision-making.

Plus, it helps the organizations with the employee value proposition as well which is essential to recruiting and retention. Because when employees know that the organization they’re working with has a solid commitment to the security of their personal data along with their clients’ data then they will feel more secure in the organization they’re working in.

It Provides Improved Data Management –

It is always advised to the organizations that they begin their GDPR compliance effort with a regular internal data audit. So, you should –

  • Analyze what data you collect,
  • How much of data has been collected, and
  • What the data is used for.


However, doing this will provide you with a framework where you can check that what you can continue collecting and what is needed to cease the collection of. So, the businesses should reinforce their data protection programs with the help of the auditors i.e. you should appoint someone who is in complete charge of the data being used and the compliance issues.

It Offers Protected and Enhanced Brand Reputation –

Do you know, by protecting consumers’ privacy, the organizations will not only be able to avoid some of the potential penalties, in fact they will also be able to unlock the hidden reputational value. However, without a verifiable commitment to the privacy of the customer data, the businesses can become vulnerable to the brand damage.

However, the GDPR compliance can help the organizations enhance the customer loyalty over the long run while unlocking the paths to the greater innovation and the great value creation.

However, it is also essential for those who are hoping to distinguish themselves to the prospective consumers. In fact, the businesses that collect and process the GDPR-affected data will also be required to comply with the GDPR certification for attracting the business customers. This is because those enterprises’ compliance is tied to the vendor’s GDPR abidance.

Final Takeaway –

GDPR compliance can seem overwhelming and hence it can be easy to fall into the mindset that the GDPR is just another compliance effort like other compliances but it is important to understand that the privacy is now needed to be baked into everything that your company may do at every level of your organizational journey.

However, it’s important to understand that GDPR compliance is not an accomplishment but it’s a process that means it’s not simply checking off the series of requirements, but it is about evolving, recalibrating, and reconsidering the privacy and data protection.

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